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she belonged to him, because it was something she couldn't help

I'm going to preface this one with

BDSM is perfectly acceptable within the confines of a respectful, trusting, adult, consenting relationship.

Many people view the idea of women submitting as weakness. I will tell you it is anything but that. Do you have any idea the strength it takes to offer, willingly, your submission, all your trust to another human being? It takes an inexplicable amount of strength.

Are you woman who is in control of every single aspect of your day to day life? Do you sometimes wish there was an off button? A magical button you could press and miraculously be taken to a place where there are no decisions for you to make. No lists or charts or chores. That button is submission inside of a healthy, consenting BDSM relationship.

Enjoy some of the images from this session and as always kink responsibly and consensually.



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