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Her Heart was a Secret Garden, and the Walls were very High - Boudoir photography near me.

These Secret Garden Limited-Edition Sessions were a long time coming and yet arrived and took us all by surprise.

The prep work for these was... tedious, but I think just looking at the pictures, you can tell it was all worth it.

We wanted a super soft and high feminine vibe. Cascading flowers, lush billowing greens and of course, a few beautiful babes. I think we delivered and maybe even surpassed our own expectations, and hopefully our clients!

We loved that all three of the Breathless babes that booked this shoot chose a different look and a different vibe. We love that each session turned out so different from the rest. We can't choose a favorite look, so don't try to make us.

We're 99% sure that these won't ever be making a comeback but it's safe to say that they'll forever hold a special place in our hearts (and phone galleries).

Boudoir Photography near me

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