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Miss S - Powerful but feminine - boudoir photography near me

I love when our clients are able to formulate a title for their vision of their session. Sometimes they know right away what they want or what they're looking for. Other times, it takes some guidance and some coaxing for them to realize their vision or give words to it. Either way, we are so happy to help you create the session of your dreams.

Miss S said she wanted strong and soft, powerful and feminine. If Persephone could be both floral maiden and queen of the underworld, then so shall you be. Who says you can't be both?

I'm actually quite sure Miss S proved that you can.

Wanna know what she had to say about her session?

"I told Chelsey I wanted soft, feminine and powerful for this shoot.

She nailed it. I've been feeling really strong and confident in my life but have definitely been feeling some kind of way about gaining weight. Seeing these gave me the boost I needed on a rough day like today. Every shoot feels more and more empowering, and I love every single one. But I think I needed this more than I realized. Being at peace with our bodies is rarely easy, loving them is even harder. These make it a little easier. Thank you to the team for always helping me to see the beauty of my outside as well as the inside." Miss S.

Boudoir photography near me

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