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Client Testimonials

This was my second boudoir photoshoot, but my first with Chelsey. It was such an amazing experience, being able to just show up with no makeup and hair a mess and feeling relaxed while Jamiee turned me into a literal goddess! Once I got into my outfit, I was so comfortable with everyone there! They truly make you feel at home and really bring out the best of you being in front of the camera. I love how Chelsey would make sure my posing was good and even my facial expressions were perfect! This will definitely be one of many sessions I'm sure I'll have with Breathless.

- Stacey B


I had my very first session today. Let me tell you, it won't be my last. I had so much fun. Everyone is so nice and makes you so comfortable. I am so excited and can't wait to see my pictures. I am thinking about trying to be one of her Muses. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. I cried happy tears on my way home because for once I felt beautiful.

- Carrie S


Today I had my first shoot!! It was an amazing experience! Everyone was awesome and fun! I can't wait to do it again!!!

- Teri B


I just did my first shoot with Chelsey today and was so nervous but as soon as I sat in the makeup chair, I could already feel myself loosening up. Once I got into my outfit and walked out she and Jamiee said how great I looked and all my nerves suddenly went out the window. Chelsey is amazing at what she does and makes you feel so great about your body and yourself. I left there smiling and just felt great the rest of the day! I can't wait to see what I know are going to be beautiful pictures. I'll definitely be booking more sessions with her and her wonderful team of ladies!

- Crystal M


I had my second shoot with the amazing Chelsey today. I am an extremely self conscious person and never in a million years would I think I'd be in lingerie, in front of a camera. Let alone with someone who I don't know. But, all of the self esteem issues disappear the second I am around Chels. When I'm in front of her camera I feel unstoppable and like I could rule the world. Chelsey and Zach are both the best hype people I have EVER met. I HIGHLY recommend Chelsey for all your Boudoir dreams, she will make all of them come true.

- Desi S


I signed up for my first Boudoir shoot through Renee in 2019. I was so nervous, to say the least. Jamiee did my makeup, then Chelsey got to work. She's amazing at making you feel comfortable and showing you just how beautiful you truly are. Here we are almost 2 years later and I've done 10 more shoots and have 5 more booked (so far) this year. I'm proud to say I was a Muse in 2020 and am even more proud to be a Muse again in 2021. All I can say is if you're thinking about doing a shoot, DO IT! You won't regret it for a second. You'll just love yourself more.

- Jena B


Chelsey and her team are absolutely THE best in the business! Not only are her photos gorgeous, but she is creative and has the patience of a saint! I have had 3 sessions and will be booking so many more!!! If you are unsure or nervous, DON'T BE! You will leave smiling harder than you ever have!

- Leslie B


I don't even have the words to describe how amazing Chelsey is. She is one of the most professional and accommodating photographers I know. She makes you feel extremely comfortable, and is willing to help in anyway possible to do just that. I just booked 2 more shoots with her!! I promise you will enjoy every second of any of her shoots. I can't wait to continue booking shoots with her!

- Alexis D


Hands down the best photographer for making you fall in love with your body. I have used Chelsey for family photos for the past 2 years, and last February I booked a snuggle session with my husband but chickened out of doing it as a Boudoir session because I have severe body dysmorphia. There was no pressure from Chelsey AT ALL. I was pregnant at the time and she suggested maternity Boudoir and I jumped at it because why not? I was going to be the biggest I've ever been because of the pregnancy and it would be my last pregnancy ever, so why not remember it? She was super accommodating because my in-laws are super conservative. So she took some regular maternity photos of me with my husband before we jumped into the Boudoir photos and I am forever grateful. My husband and I absolutely loved the Boudoir photos and he even asked me when I will get another session done. I don't even recognize the woman in my photos because she managed to photograph confidence in me that I can't see in the mirror. Seriously, just do the session! There's no better time to fall in love with yourself and find your confidence and fire than right now!

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