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Client Testimonials

The Breathless team is absolutely phenomenal! I felt so welcomed & comfortable during my session. Jamie killed it with the hair and makeup & Chelsey had me feeling so beautiful and sexy during my session. I cannot wait to book again!  100/10 experience!!

- Miss C

blonde woman in blue lingerie leaning backwards against an ornate mirror

I’ve constantly struggled with my self esteem for YEARS. I never knew my worth. I debated for a year on a boudoir session, but some of those dark thoughts of not being enough came to my mind, and I didn’t know where to go. 
Then I had someone special in build me up when I was at my lowest. Finally after so long, I told myself “I’m beautiful and confident”, and I knew I was ready for a session! 
I was invited into the private VIP group on Facebook. I saw all the love and energy everyone has given to each other and it is truly incredible! 
I knew Breathless was the place for my session and I was 100% right! 
Chelsey was incredible with getting back to me with any questions I had, such a sweetheart and so professional! 

The day of my session I was filled with lots of excitement and a little bit of anxiety, but it went away so quickly. I was listened to even about the littlest things! 
The feeling of seeing a quick picture of yourself for the first time during your session is truly life changing. That is a moment that opened a new door, and took self confidence to the next level. I’ve never felt this sexy, confident, and beautiful in my life! 
I recommend at least one session to anybody, people around me have seen me glowing since I walked out of the studio. 
If you’re ever wondering if you should have a boudoir shoot done, DO IT!

-Miss S

woman laying on wood floor in red lingerie with hands overhead and feet on ornate mirror

I love how the staff takes their time to get to know each of their clients. The ball is really in your court when it comes to what your vision is and conform level.

-Miss K

woman kneeling nude on white bed covered with lace fabric. candles in background

Chelsey and zach have the best personalities and vision, and make the whole experience enjoyable and fun! the client closet has great selection, and the entire studio has so many posing possibilities!


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