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Check out the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions

What takes place during a session?

This is a great question! The first thing that happens when you arrive is we immediately start Hair and Makeup. It's a great way to warm up while getting pampered! Once that is complete we take you to wardrobe. We do typically suggest that you bring at least one thing you feel comfortable and confident in but this isn't necessary as we have an extensive Client Closet with sizes from Small - 4XL! After wardrobe, we start shooting! No modeling experience required for these sessions! We will pose and guide you through the entire session. We make it about you and it is so much fun!

What is the Session Fee?

Our Session Fee is $300, and it covers your Pre-Session Consultation, our Prep Guide, Access to the Client Closet and Wardrobe Assistance, Hair and Makeup, a 1–2-hour Session with Posing Instruction, Editing and Retouching and your Ordering Appointment approximately 1 week after your session. All Product Collections and A La Carte Products are sold separately.

How much do the Collections cost?

That's another great and totally understandable question! We have ONE Collection, it is $1000. All products are sold separately.

Our average total client investment is $2500 and our minimum purchase requirement is $1000. 

I'm nervous about the investment, do you offer payment plans?

I'm so glad you asked! The short answer is YES! I want every woman to be able to have this experience at least once in their lives. At the same time, I do understand it is a huge investment into yourselves. I promise I have worked very hard to curate an extremely personal, luxurious experience for my clients. I want this to be the BEST experience it possibly can be FOR YOU! I know it is sometimes hard to investment in ourselves, as a Mama, I know firsthand but I promise you it is worth it. YOU are worth it and so so much more. I have created an in house, interest free payment plan that works for almost every budget. The key is booking far enough out that we can break the total into small, easy payments. We accept payment plans on any amount over $1000 (our minimum and smallest Collection) and we offer them up to 18 months! When you start a Pre-Session Payment Plan, you also become eligible for FREE Bonuses! Who doesn't love free stuff?

Are my images shared online?

I ONLY share images from client's who have signed releases. I am fortunate and most of my clients sign a release of some kind, whether it be a Full Release (images can be shared anywhere), a Limited Release (images can only be shared certain places or only certain images), or an Anonymous Release (only images where the client isn't identifiable are shared). With this all being said, they are your images. YOU and you alone have the final say in if, when and where your images are shared.

I'm worried I don't have the confidence for this experience.

GIRL... almost every client I've ever had has been nervous in one way or another. It's expected and I promise you are not alone. The nerves start to disappear the moment you sit in the makeup chair, by the time we are through the first few poses most clients are feeling themselves and the experience and they leave feeling like totally different women than when they arrived! Don't believe me? Check out our Client Testimonials tab! 

Every woman, every person, every body is right for Boudoir. If you are a human with a beating heart and a desire to love yourself even a little bit more, then this is the right experience for you!

I don't have lingerie or know how to shop for it, can you help?

Um, YES! Dressing and styling clients is one of my FAVORITE parts of my job. I can help you shop virtually or you can utilize our size inclusive client closet! We have at least 30 styles per size Small - 4XL that have all been hand picked by us to make your experience the best for you! 

What is the Ordering Appointment?

This appointment typically takes place about 1 week after your session. Ideally we like to bring you back to the studio but we can accommodate you to do it virtually. At this appointment we go over your entire edited gallery, you choose the images for your products per your chosen Collection. This way you are only purchasing what you LOVE! You will also complete some paperwork at this appointment.

Why should I choose Breathless Reveries Boudoir?

Boudoir can be a very intimidating experience because you are opening yourself up and being vulnerable. For this reason it is important that you choose the photographer that you feel most in line with. This is an experience of a lifetime! Make sure you choose a photographer who's work you LOVE but also align with personally as well! We have specialized in Boudoir and Empowerment for 5 years and have photographed over 500 clients.

How long does it take to get my products?

I recommend allowing 4 to 6 weeks for products to come in and be ready for pick up or shipping. After your Ordering Appointment, allow 1-2 weeks for your products to be created and submitted to print and 1-3 weeks for products to arrive to me for their final quality check before they can come home to you.

I'm ready to book! How do I do that?

Wonderful! We are so excited to have you in the Studio! To book you can fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page, email us at or contact us on any of our social medias!

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