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Meet the Team

Well, meet the team minus Zach because he didn't want to pose on the swing or in the tub (LOL)!

These women are more than my Muses and Hair + Makeup Artists, they're family. Some have been with us for years, some just started this year. Either way, they are family and make up the Breathless Team that is here to serve all your Boudoir needs.

First up is our Lead Hair + Makeup Artist - Jamiee Leah. She has helped turn Breathless into what it is today. From her personality to her killer makeup looks, we just wouldn't be us without her. She has been with me from the very beginning and helped create the first "us" for Breathless. She is a Mama to an amazingly sweet little boy and a lover of animals - especially dogs and the ones she shouldn't pet!

Next is our Second Hair + Makeup Artist - Renee. She has been with us for SO LONG and started her journey with Breathless as a Muse. She just recently switched roles from Muse to Hair + Makeup Artist because she discovered that it was a passion for her. Along with loving all things hair and makeup, she is also an avid hiker, animal Mama and rescuer of all strays!

Now, onto the Muses! These women are the heart and soul of our business. They are our ambassador team and if you have any questions about what a session with Breathless is like, they are your best resources.

Jena is our longest running Muse. She is an absolute sweet heart who loves wine and her animals!

Abby is our resident Snow White. Honestly, I've never met a sweeter person in my whole life. She has a bubbly personality and the kindest heart!

Next is one of our baby Muses, Korrine! At just a little over 21 Korrine is the life of the party, always bringing laughter and fun to the group.

Desi is our baby baby Muse. At just 20 she has an amazing outlook on life and a positivity that just shines. Body positivity and self love are HUGE for this Babe!

Last but certainly not least is our Alexis. This Babe has hustle written all over her. She busts her ass to create an amazing life for her and her kiddo. What is more inspiring than a hardworking Mama?

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