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Behind the Scenes with Breathless Reveries

We decided to do a Behind the Scenes video with one of our Muses to show our group members how we work through poses in the new studio. We have 5 sets that are included with each session and 4 sets that are available as add ons or pre payment plan bonuses.

Our 5 sets that are included with every session are:

Our bed set with multiple colors of satin sheets to choose from

The boho egg chair decorated with plants, vines, a table and lantern

Our decadent blue velvet couch

Our Ornate silver 7' tall mirror with cowhide rug, candles and plants

AND our BRAND NEW pole!

You can choose to utilize all of them or just your favorites to give your session the vibe you want the most and are trying to create!

Our add ons are as follows:

Angel Wings

Bondage Collection

Boho Tub with rug, candles and plants

Faux Shower Wet Set

These are all available to purchase separately to add on to your session or as pre session payment plan bonuses for FREE!

Check out Alexis rocking this gorgeous blue 3 piece set! It's in the Client Closet in a Medium!

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